Social Butterfly

downloadI have always had a passion for communication. Ever since I was a little girl I was always a social bug. When my mother would come to parent teacher conference all my teachers would say “she’s a great student she just talks too much”; well I guess some things never change. As I’ve gotten older and have begun to learn more about myself and the fact that communication is not only my passion it is my destiny. We are always asked growing up; well what do you want to do? I would always say I wanted to be a psychologist because I enjoy the aspects of helping people; I even went to college for it. It was not until after college that I realized how much communication means to me. I also learned that I can still focus on the aspects of helping people through my social interactions. From that point moving forward every occupation I landed had to involve social interactions.  Continue reading


Social Media

social_media_imageFor years now social media has been sweeping the national, making a huge impact on today’s society. It’s now how we find our news, dates, make friends, and even find our fame. Internet sensations are breaking out all over the world thanks to social media. Sites such as YouTube, Vine and Instagram help with this. Things such as earning likes and having a lot of followers have become a way to determine our worth. Continue reading

Natural Hair Don’t Care


The natural movement is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. Girls, especially black girls are now embracing their roots and looking good doing it. I myself have been natural for about 3 years now and I love how thick and beautiful my hair is. I didn’t think I could manage these coils and kinks and swore by a relaxer most of my life. Once I actually took the time to give my hair the love and care it needed, it blossomed. I love when I see a naturalista out looking beautiful in their fro’s, especially because people are not confident enough to step out and flaunt their natural hair. I don’t ever see me going back to getting a relaxer. I’m looking forward to the growth my hair is destined for. These past 3 years have been a challenge and I too had to muster us the courage to wear my natural hair and the confidence to love it. I have helped my mom, sister and daughter embrace their natural hair as well and they too have fell in love with the outcome. The best part of all is we can also straighten our hair to be bone straight with the advancements of flat irons these days. For me the natural way is the right way!

Terrible 2’s, Terrifying 3’s


three attacks

When becoming parents for the first time we often hear about the experiences ahead of us and how to handle certain situations. One of the most common things we hear as parents are terrible 2’s and horrible 3’s. I’ve heard this saying so many times but I never understood until I became a parent myself.  As of April 2012 I have been introduced to the wonderful world of parenting and I must say I do enjoy my beautiful daughter. However, she is currently in her 3rd year of life and this is by far the worst behavior I have EVER encountered from her. Some say horrible I call it terrifying!! At this stage the world resolves around her and she has quite grasped the understanding of others feelings and emotions. She wants what she wants and when she wants it and if I cannot fulfill her desires I am looking forward to WWIII.

I am currently in the process of trying to help her with understanding those different aspects but at this moment I feel like I am talking to wall. As much as enjoy being a mom and not only a mom HER mom, I often need a break from my screaming 3 year old. We are slowly approaching the 4 year mark and I am ecstatic: I cannot wait for this stage of life to be over.

Sharing your Heart

love is blind

A wise person once said love is blind and the older I become the more I understand that saying. Not only is love blind, people also often misconstrue the meaning of the term. A week ago I was riding in my car on the way to work and a radio morning show I was listening had an interesting topic of the day; can you be in love with two people at once? The topic quickly grasped my attention because I feel you can only be in love with one person. When in love, the love you have for the person should be beyond you and the simple thought of losing that person should initiate a state of fear. You should be so consumed with that person that the thought of being with someone else means nothing to you. If a person feels they are in love with more than one person I feel they are confused. Having love for more than one person and being in love with more than one person is two different things. Love is not to be played with and is a serious emotion. The saying love is blind for me represents the aspect of the emotion that I feel is beyond you. When in love with someone, and I mean truly in love the wrongs often seem right. Experiencing  the emotion I had to give my point of view on the topic and would love to her yours as well. Below I’ve added a poll where you have the option to click either yes or no to the question at hand.

Customer Service

services-customer-care-headerI want to take the time to discuss an issue that is near and dear to me. An issue that I feel can be resolved by simply knowing yourself. That issue is known as Customer Service. Now, some may be thinking why customer service is bad, or what is exactly bad about customer service; well I’ll be happy to inform. Continue reading

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday


Shopping, we all do it, we all have to do it at some point and most of us love to do it. Shopping can be relaxing for some and is often seen as stress relief. For others it may be a pain, a hassle and often times consuming. Reasons such as these are why we have options these days. One can shop in the luxury of the home if they do not want to be out. There are also devices that connect us to sites that allow us to shop from where ever we may be. These shopping enhancements give everyone something to look forward to on this upcoming holiday weekend. As you all may know, or not know, two off the biggest shopping days are quickly approaching; and man am I excited. Continue reading