Black Friday vs Cyber Monday


Shopping, we all do it, we all have to do it at some point and most of us love to do it. Shopping can be relaxing for some and is often seen as stress relief. For others it may be a pain, a hassle and often times consuming. Reasons such as these are why we have options these days. One can shop in the luxury of the home if they do not want to be out. There are also devices that connect us to sites that allow us to shop from where ever we may be. These shopping enhancements give everyone something to look forward to on this upcoming holiday weekend. As you all may know, or not know, two off the biggest shopping days are quickly approaching; and man am I excited. The first day is known as “Black Friday,” and has become popular among many consumers. Black Friday is a day where friends and family members plan and come together on how to collectively shop in the chaotic world of discounts. Many people begin their adventure the evening of Thanksgiving, catching early specials and even camping out to be the first inside a store when it opens.  Many find pleasure in getting out in the crowd and grabbing those amazing deals.  The manmade holiday has been said to be a “shoppers dream” and is continuing to become more popular as the years progress. But what about those shoppers, such as myself, who find shopping in general to be a drag? Should they be left out on the deals or having the shopping Gods answered all of our prayers? Well, I’m glad you asked! This brings me directly to the next major shopping day known as Cyber Monday.  Cyber Monday is the Monday following black Friday and can be seen as the online version of Black Friday. As mentioned previously, one can enjoy this day from anywhere with the proper equipment. Instead of waiting in line one can sit on their couch and simply click and buy.  The luxuries of Cyber Monday are the MAIN reasons I am excited for the shopping experience. I often dread going in to stores, walking around for hours, waiting in long lines and dealing with people when I do not want to.  With online shopping all I have to do is grab my cellphone google exactly what I am looking to buy and purchase it. My Cyber Monday apparel will be Pajamas and a snuggie, I may even throw in some hot chocolate to really have some fun. I will remain warm through it all and in the end it all ships right to my door step. I like to call that winning!!!!! There are, as they say, different strokes for different folks so preference is key. I shop online normally so of course Cyber Monday is ideal for someone like me.  Attached to this article are two video links that break down the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hopefully it can be of some assistance when trying to decide how to shop this upcoming weekend.


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