Social Media

social_media_imageFor years now social media has been sweeping the national, making a huge impact on today’s society. It’s now how we find our news, dates, make friends, and even find our fame. Internet sensations are breaking out all over the world thanks to social media. Sites such as YouTube, Vine and Instagram help with this. Things such as earning likes and having a lot of followers have become a way to determine our worth.It also often makes us followers, as we constantly stalk the pages of the different users who catch our interest. Social media is so powerful that it often helps the government officials land individuals in jail. I too am a fan of the social media world and tend to my sites quite often. My latest obsession has become Snapchat. I absolutely love the concept of it and how you can embrace all those temporary moments that you don’t want to stick around. You can also have fun with the snaps by adding different labels; emoji’s and even fast forward or rewind your snap after you record. My daughter even enjoys playing around on Snapchat with the different faces it allows you to make. Before Snapchat I was a big on Instagram and though I still visit my account often, I’m on Snapchat wayyy more. I keep Facebook for my family and I find it great for networking. Twitter I don’t use though I have an account. All in all, social media is expanding and sweeping the nation. I cannot wait to see what else these creators have up their sleeves.


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