Social Butterfly

downloadI have always had a passion for communication. Ever since I was a little girl I was always a social bug. When my mother would come to parent teacher conference all my teachers would say “she’s a great student she just talks too much”; well I guess some things never change. As I’ve gotten older and have begun to learn more about myself and the fact that communication is not only my passion it is my destiny. We are always asked growing up; well what do you want to do? I would always say I wanted to be a psychologist because I enjoy the aspects of helping people; I even went to college for it. It was not until after college that I realized how much communication means to me. I also learned that I can still focus on the aspects of helping people through my social interactions. From that point moving forward every occupation I landed had to involve social interactions. One of my favorite jobs was serving at a restaurant. I met some great people through the years who help to mold and shape how I communicate with others. I’ve learned different approaches, tones, and levels of eye connection. I also can pretty much connect with anyone and leave them with a great first impression. If it was not for me being a parent I would probably still have a few serving shifts just to stay connected. Because of how I socialize I’ve been often called mature and surprise many people when they find out how old I am once the conversation comes to an end. I’m not saying all this to toot my own horn but I feel if you feel you have a talent you have to own it or you’ll never be able prove to anyone else that you are as talented. I recently have become a student at the Ohio Media School and so far I love it. This program is teaching the different aspects of broadcasting such as radio, and television. I’m learning how to edit my own work as well. We recently have created our own radio commercials and I had the pleasure of learning how to use Adobe Audition. I have had so much fun recording and editing my work and I must say it’s a great feeling to see how I’m growing as a result. When listening to my work I know I still have a long way to go but for someone only 2 months in I feel I am doing well. The program ends in July and I am hoping to be on the track to obtaining a career in the field. I would like to be more on the personality side of things, but I now also have options to take on different roles in the field. We soon will be moving into video and I will be learning Adobe Premier. I really see exciting things for me as I travel along this wonderful path of broadcasting. All I can say is watch out world!!!


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