Customer Service

services-customer-care-headerI want to take the time to discuss an issue that is near and dear to me. An issue that I feel can be resolved by simply knowing yourself. That issue is known as Customer Service. Now, some may be thinking why customer service is bad, or what is exactly bad about customer service; well I’ll be happy to inform. What I feel is bad about customer service is having individuals in the field who do not possess the passion to interact with others. I find it so irritating going to a restaurant particularly a fast food restaurant and the person taking my order is all frowned up. The greeting alone will automatically set the tone for the conversation moving forward. If the person taking my order is frowning at me it’s going to make me want to frown back. I also cannot take the rude tones and lack or urgency for the customer. When enter the field of customer service rule number one is the customer is always right. Now granted there are some individuals who feel like those in customer service are beneath them, and I feel those people should stay home and service themselves, but for those of us who appreciate great customer service we deserve great customer service!!!! I feel I can speak on this because I am from the customer service field and I am really good at it. I treat others how I expect to be treated and I feel it is a simple concept that those in customer service should grasp.

Attached is a comical example of what I feel is bad customer service:


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