Sharing your Heart

love is blind

A wise person once said love is blind and the older I become the more I understand that saying. Not only is love blind, people also often misconstrue the meaning of the term. A week ago I was riding in my car on the way to work and a radio morning show I was listening had an interesting topic of the day; can you be in love with two people at once? The topic quickly grasped my attention because I feel you can only be in love with one person. When in love, the love you have for the person should be beyond you and the simple thought of losing that person should initiate a state of fear. You should be so consumed with that person that the thought of being with someone else means nothing to you. If a person feels they are in love with more than one person I feel they are confused. Having love for more than one person and being in love with more than one person is two different things. Love is not to be played with and is a serious emotion. The saying love is blind for me represents the aspect of the emotion that I feel is beyond you. When in love with someone, and I mean truly in love the wrongs often seem right. Experiencing  the emotion I had to give my point of view on the topic and would love to her yours as well. Below I’ve added a poll where you have the option to click either yes or no to the question at hand.


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