Terrible 2’s, Terrifying 3’s


three attacks

When becoming parents for the first time we often hear about the experiences ahead of us and how to handle certain situations. One of the most common things we hear as parents are terrible 2’s and horrible 3’s. I’ve heard this saying so many times but I never understood until I became a parent myself.  As of April 2012 I have been introduced to the wonderful world of parenting and I must say I do enjoy my beautiful daughter. However, she is currently in her 3rd year of life and this is by far the worst behavior I have EVER encountered from her. Some say horrible I call it terrifying!! At this stage the world resolves around her and she has quite grasped the understanding of others feelings and emotions. She wants what she wants and when she wants it and if I cannot fulfill her desires I am looking forward to WWIII.

I am currently in the process of trying to help her with understanding those different aspects but at this moment I feel like I am talking to wall. As much as enjoy being a mom and not only a mom HER mom, I often need a break from my screaming 3 year old. We are slowly approaching the 4 year mark and I am ecstatic: I cannot wait for this stage of life to be over.


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