Michael B. Jordan

I decided to write and reflect on the handsome, divenire, and let’s not forget talented actor Michael B. Jordan. When it comes to this man all I can say is WOOOOOWWWW!!! God definitely took his time creating this one. I remember watching him on Hardball in my younger years and now he’s in films such as Fantastic 4 and Creed.
michael-b-jordan-600x800.jpgIn both films he will be working with phenomenal co-stars, such as Sylvester Stallone, doing exactly what he does best. I recently had the pleasure of watching an interview from him on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 and was impressed with the man he has grown up to be. He discussed obstacles and accomplishments in his career and well as rumors that have surfaced with false leads. As wonderful of a man as he is I can understand how easily rumors may spread especially rumors of sexual scandal. He is one of the sexiest men alive and I’m sure many will agree. With both talent and looks Mr. Jordan has a killer combination on his hands. As I travel through this journey of life I hope one of my stops intertwine with a meet and greet with Michael. All in, all he seems to great person and he is in the prime years of his career.  I do not see him slowing down anytime soon!!


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