Single Parenting

What dictates single parenting? Is it a parent who is single or is it a parent whose doing it on their own? Is it defined by the parent child interactions or is it defined by society? Many have developed their own definitions for the term and now it’s my time for me to give my own.  In my opinion, the term single parent should not be used unless one is parenting alone.single_parent_t750x550This can be for both males and females, meaning if your counterpart is not involved in the parenting process you are considered a single parent. If you and your child’s parent are separated and that individual is still doing what is necessary for the child you are a co-parent and its time you understood the difference. Once does not want praise for being a single parent. However, the recognition aspect is a must due to the task put in day in and day out. From experience I understand the feeling of being a single parent. I also understand the feeling of being treated as if taking on both parenting roles is normal. If you have support, appreciate it and call it what it is. One can never understand what they have not been through. Single parenting is relevant and will sadly stay relevant for years to come.


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